Welcome to Momentous Tackle, A Guild Ball blog run by complete plebs: Lon, Alan, and Guests.

The Blog will focus on all aspects of Guild Ball in a haphazard manner. We might talk player tactics, math, painting, or maybe just trash talk.

A little about us:

Lon: Plays Fishermen, Butchers, and Morticians. Writing will focus on score-leaning strategies, statistics, and hobbying. Also enjoys outlandish ideas which may or may not ever possibly work. Current Pundit for the Raleigh, NC area.

Alan: Plays Union, Masons, and soon to be Hunters. Alan focuses on holistic strategy, tempo, and theory-craft. Gigantic man-crush on Hammer. Local Hero.

Two of our frequent guests will be Jeremy (Brewer/Photoshop Master/Grand Troll) and Dave (Alchemist/People’s 2015 Sexiest Man Alive).

Feel free to follow us on Twitter @Squirtlesohappy (Lon) and @Alanbevier (Alan, derp) or find us on facebook at Carolina Guild Ball Association. Thanks for checking us out!

– Lon


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