Match Report: Masons versus Fishermen

I recently played my first game game of our Raleigh, North Carolina FIGO League against the Fishermen with my Hammer-led Masons. Besides the big guy, I brought Marbles, Flint, Mist, Mallet, and Brick. I’ve wanted to experiment without Brick, but since I go all-in with Hammer, I like to have Brick’s counter charge around as protection on the first turn.

The Fishermen brought Shark, Salt, Sakana, Angel, Siren, and Greyscales.  I was surprised neither Jac or Kraken made the lineup.

I lost the roll off and kicked off with Hammer.  I walked him straight forward and casually booted the ball just over the line.  My plan was that Hammer would smash the poor soul that ran up to retrieve the ball.


I loaded up Hammer with 6 influence, Marbles with 2, Mallet and Brick got 1, and Flint got 3.  His allocation signaled a first turn goal with Shark.  As long as Shark didn’t Gut & String or catch Hammer in a net AND also score, then I figured I’d be fine.

He retrieved the ball with a Nimble Angel and started kicking it around.  Angel with 6+ defense wasn’t the most optimal target, but a double damage-buffed Hammer can go in on her if there are no better options.  He would probably get the take out, but it wouldn’t gain much momentum.

I had Brick walk up to protect Hammer in case Shark tried to get saucy.  Next, Marbles gave Hammer Tooled Up.  I needed to get those activations out of the way as soon as possible so that I could go in with Hammer right after Shark received the ball.  If I had waited on Brick or Marbles, Shark could try to hit Hammer, pop his legendary, score, and then Run the Length away.

Fortunately, by the time time Shark got his hands on the ball, Sakana had wandered into Hammer’s range.  Hammer charged forward and crushed Sakana after knocking him out of cover (2-0). Shark did Shark things and scored (2-4). I kicked the ball out to Flint, moved him 4 inches away from Hammer, and passed him the ball. I was up 3 momentum and won first activation.

Hammer geared up for a 6 point activation with Flint’s help and I loaded up Mist with 4 to threaten a rebound. My strategy against goal-focused teams is to race to 8 points.  If I get there first, it becomes difficult to score without immediately losing to a Flint or Mist rebound. Anyways, Hammer went first, wrecked Siren (4-4), and then missed a 4 dice shot on goal. Awkward.

The ball was kicked out by Angel and ended up on Greyscales. Because Unpredictable Movement required me to go base to base to attempt to tackle the ball, Mist ended up ⅛ inch away from scoring. I passed the ball to Flint and dodged him away to get as much distance as possible between him and the 6 influence Shark looming on the other side of the pitch. Shark still manged to get to him after taking a double dodge off of Brick and then hitting the second tackle with his last influence. #JustSharkThings. I think I misplayed here by not passing to Hammer, but I was banking on Flint’s close control to save the day.

I proceeded to completely disregard Shark’s Legendary and surrounded him with Flint, Mallet and Marbles. I was up by 2 momentum so I figured I had pretty good odds to win first activation and score with Flint.  


I lose the dice roll and Shark scores another goal (4-8) while simultaneously catching everyone but Hammer in his net.  Nice!  I probably could have sent Mallet and Marbles after Greyscales instead of trying for the crowd out.  Flint has a momentous tackle on 1, so he can probably get the ball from Shark and score all by himself.

After the goal, I kicked the ball back out to Flint for safe keeping.  I couldn’t score with him until after Greyscales activated or else I would lose to the rebound.  Siren got cocky after walking on the field and ended up in range of Mist. Mist smacked her 3 times for another take out (6-8). Wasn’t expecting that one.

Greyscales charged Flint for the ball but defensive stance and close control kept it safe. Flint was just so charming that Greyscales didn’t want to hit him.  Flint went last and moved to 4 inches of Hammer.  I was behind in momentum at this point.  I wanted to pass the ball to Hammer to gain the momentum and get a 6 point activation on the hopeful first activation of the next turn, but Hammer was double engaged so Flint just scored instead (10-8).


The ball got kicked out to Salt.  I was down by 1 momentum and we rolled off.  The game comes down to this dice roll. I win it. Hammer smashes Angel (12-8). GG.

Missing a goal was devastating against the Fishermen. My ace follow-up play of getting my entire team Caught in a Net made it worse. I only managed the win because I got lucky with the Mist takeout on Siren.  Overall I’ve probably been winning with Hammer not because of strong play on my part, but just because of how decisively he punishes mistakes made by my opponents.

Until next time, keep hammering.


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