Season 2 Veterans: Gut Instincts

So I want to touch on some season 2 players today. Originally I had intended to type a full review, but it was going to be very lengthy. I think captains have been beaten to death with reviews. Most of the new players have seen enough play by now people have already formed their own opinions. So I am going to limit this to the new Veterans. I may do a separate post for mascots down the line, and I am sure Alan will write about Hunters in a few weeks. So here we go! Veterans!

Veteran Katalyst: First I just love the idea of this guy – A Bane-Esque dude who blows himself up to get the job done. I believe Vet Katalyst is the biggest power level increase over the standard model and honestly I expect to see him in the majority of Alchemist matches in the future. The ability to win with 2 goals and 1 takeout is incredibly strong. Alchemists have a goal oriented game plan with both Midas and Smoke, and almost always take Mist in my experience. 2 goals is no problem at all with either captain. Condition damage can creep up on you if you aren’t careful, so that final explosive takeout should be easy to relatively achieve and maybe even easier with Vitriol or Vennin. 2 influence WITH furious is absolutely insane, even if he has what I’d consider to be a somewhat sub-par playbook. I rate VKat about an 9 out of 10.
Veteran Spigot: I called it. Spigot got clean and handsome. I am really happy to see another striker in Brewers and I hope a lot of players bring him to the pitch. What I am worried about is I don’t think he is quite enough. If you look at the top strikers in the game, they all have a longer goal threat and split movement ability. Although Spigot is an 18” threat, he still activates his movement all at once which can be troublesome. I suppose Esters can sing him up to 20”, but she can do the same with Friday already. He is a MONSTER at keeping the ball. Close control, Poised, Tackle on a 1. You aren’t going to get the ball away from this dude. I almost wonder if you play him in a Tapper lead beater team similar to how Brisket is sometimes run in Butchers. Let um score, Park the ball on VSpigot, and start wailing on folks. 6 out of 10.

Veteran Brisket: Speaking of Brisket – “Ima survivor, I aint gon give up!” Look Brisket. I think I liked you better when you were a sweet sultry lass. So let’s think about why take Veteran over Standard Brisket? Maybe you like the idea of extra influence? Well… that’s not gonna happen on turn 1, so the majority of the time you are looking at an extra 1 influence on turn 3 when the game is nearly over? Meh.  Want the cheaper charge for extra damage? There are plenty of other damage dealers available for Butchers and Vbrisket is not one of the best choices. Unpredictable is on both models. Ball’s gone is ok but situational. Quick Time is really the main redeemer for this model. The captain level ability to dodge a player into or out of a fight is really tremendous. But for me? I take the loveable meat every time. Charmed Male, Dog Support, and Super Shot are too good to give up. 4 out of 10.


Veteran Velocity: A truly unique player I am not sure I am equipped to give a great opinion on. I really like the idea she seems so flexible. Against a scoring team you park her on turn 1, turn 2 she can either stay parked or switch to attack mode depending on the game state. After that I’d imagine you almost always want her (it?) up in the thick of things. Hundred Hand Stance is something which is not likely to trigger. Even a 3 dice shot on TN 5+ is still 70%, but I suppose with the new rules for Intervening a 2 dice shot on a 5+ is kind of a rough 55%, so maybe it does happen from time to time with good positioning. She doesn’t score on her own though, even in attack mode. But she is a good cog for Pinvice to manipulate. I don’t think she consistently makes the top 6, but I do think she is a great include in an 8 man list because she would really ruin the day for other scoring teams, maybe more than any other goalie. I like her over Compound any day. 6 out of 10.


Veteran Siren: Siren?! Who did this to you?! Mist must have hit it and quit it. I really love this model. Regular Siren is not a model which normally makes my teams anyway and my first instinct was no lure/seduced/charmed male really drops her suitability, but damn! Escaping Fate is probably one of the most bonkers abilities in the game. FOUR. INCH. DODGE. FOR. FREE. There are not many characters in the game who are going to be able to drop this crazy B. I really like her in a Corsair list standing behind fatties like Kraken with her aura, and then springing into action with goals. With Corsair and Kraken already having the ability to move folks around I don’t think Lure/Seduced is a huge loss. She won’t see play in any Shark team. Her threat on goal is too short and that team doesn’t want to fight anyway. 7 out of 10.


Veteran Harmony: Ok, So here is where my counterpart is going to kill me (sorry Alan). I really am not huge on VHarm. She seems like the perfect counter to Alchemists, which is a tough matchup for Masons, but then freaking scything blow HAD to be on the card. I suppose she is pretty good against some of the other character play heavy teams. Maybe she’ll be good versus Hunters until Chaska Shotguns her 10-HP face off. But I do think she has a place. That place is parked behind Hammer giving him influence and keeping him standing up. You just have to prey no one ever gets a hold of her. I think you bring her in your list of 8 for condition heavy teams, but most matches you can find a better option. 3 out of 10. (***EDIT*** After thinking and seeing Hammer in a bit more action I am bumping vharm up to a 6 out of 10. This is because hammer lead goal scoring teams seem to hurt pretty hard for influence, with hammer soaking up 7, 8, or maybe even 9 inf a turn. Vharm is an excellent choice for this setup because she provides two passive benefits without the need for influence. She is still not a player for every matchup, but is a solid choice most of the time if you can keep her protected.)

Veteran Graves: Calm down about gravedigger, it is overrated. It has absolutely no impact if you only trigger it once (unless your play on a clock) and if you are able to pop it twice in a game your opponent did something seriously wrong. Creation and Packmaster are pretty good, but seriously, when do you not take Silence? It is nice he got the extra 1 influence graves always needed in the first place. Standard graves is actually way better in my opinion. You bleed automatically and scything blow without the mascot competition on silence. I’m underwhelmed, but feel free to tell me why I’m wrong. 2 out of 10.
Anyway, I am probably way off on some of these, but that’s just the heart of the cards! I’m out!
– Lon

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