Match Report – Fangtooth: A True Fisher of Men.

Well Damn. I just spent 30 minutes on periscope talking about this, but it seems the video is somehow corrupted. Blog time.


I’ve been wanting to branch out the last few weeks from my classic 3 goal fish. Last week I gave hunters a try. Can I please run 6 Jaecars? I’ve been dying to try out Corsair and Kraken as well, but haven’t painted them and Corsair seems to elude my mental capacity. I guess you just harpoon dudes and beat um to death in the face over two activations? Kind of like the 8 influence Obulus plays? Seems non-fishy. No idea, but I digress.


As you can see from the below post, I got my Fangtooth all converted and painted so I’ve been itching to give him a go. I had some ideas kicking around and thought “Hey, why not run my tournament list and drop Jac for Fangtooth?” #Seemsgood.

The list is Shark, Salt, Angel, Sakana, Greyscales, and SQUIDTOOTH:




Theory crafting:

Ok, so easy enough: Angel and Shark ignore Fanger’s stank butt, so that’s great. Super easy KD on 1, love it. I was using Jac as a center piece to goad/push/soak damage. I felt like Fangtooth’s KDs should be equal in value to Jac’s pushes, and overall he is beefer, harder to walk away from, and keeps people all up in his stank. Finally, the law of diminishing returns should be advantageous when it comes to movement. Basically if you have a lot of something, each additional unit is worth less to you. Conversely, if you don’t have a lot, each additional unit is fairly valuable. This got me thinking a Tidal Surge on a slow model such as Fangtooth should be a worthwhile investment. 4” tidal surge plus his jog of 4” puts him at the center line on turn 1, exactly where he wants to be.


Applying our theories:

So I took this list versus my local buddy Jim last night. Jim deployed an incredibly fighty Brewers team. Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Spigot, Rage, A&G. I won the coin flip and decided to receive.


Turn 1: The first turn he basically was jockeying for position since no one was going to be able to get to me. My activations are Greyscales get the ball and pass to Angel. Angel pass to Shark. Fangtooth move up. Otter follows angel. Here’s where things get interesting: Shark and Sakana left to activate. Shark has 6 influence and Sakana has 3. I believe my opponent thinks I am going to score with Shark, however if you have read the blog in the past, you know turn 1 shark goals are inefficient bullshit. Shark passes to Sakana who takes a 4 inch dodge forward. Shark tidal surges Fangtooth forward so now Hooper and Avarice are in the Stank. Shark quickfoot’s Sakana boosting his max movement up to 12! Shark jogs behind Fangtooth to safely set up for his turn 2 play. Brewers do more stuff I don’t care about, but I do know when Sakana flies in he is gonna have to be able to tank two activations (one of which is tapper), but Sakana is a Bro and doesn’t mind taking one for the team. Sakana flies in for his goal shot, actually through the Stank, but due to quickfoot still gets to where he needs to be, basically 8” from goal straight in the center of the pitch. Jim did an excellent job of positioning and brings Sakana down to a 1 dice shot. Bonus time back to 2.  GOOALLL. 4-0. Now for how to not die. Tapper and Spigot haven’t gone yet. I believe Tapper had 3 and spigot had 2? I am pretty confident Sakana has a decent change to not die, plus I get a free counter attack. I use my goal momentum to dodge about 1.5” from Tapper. Tapper buys an attack. Sakana declares his free counter attack, plays damage sponge, and the +2 TAC thing. Tapper can’t knock him down so Sakana attacks and nails a 2 inch dodge. I believe it was unexpected, but I actually dodged Sakana Deeper into brewer territory, still engaged by tapper. This was done in an effort to keep Tapper away from the scrum Fangers has tied up. Tapper doesn’t kill him, but spigot does. 4-2.


Turn 2. Ball is somewhere. Shark gets the ball, gets his momentum, nets the ENTIRE team (by the way 2 still caught by Fangtooth) and scores. 8-2. Things are going according to plan. Shark is in harm’s way, but I’ve come to the conclusion shark is worth more to me dead in most scenarios like this. Lots of other stuff happens this turn. Brewers drop shark to like 4 health but don’t kill him on purpose. Ball gets kicked out towards tapper into a pile of mud. Angel attempts a trick play. She uses her 2 influence to sprint into the mud and snapshot, deliberately not picking up the ball. The plan was for greyscales to swoop in, snag the ball, pass to angel and snapshot for the win. Well apparently, tapper took issue with this and decided to kill Angel. Not nice. 4-4. Even though he was netted and got hit by rough ground, he was able to glide and just barely get in range for attacks.


Turn 3: So Angel is Gonna come back on the pitch and, mathematically, she should theoretically be able to score (18 natural, +6 for coming on, +4 with a pass and move = 28). I deliberately put a boat load of influence on shark as a distraction. If I can get Jim to kill shark first, this play should work as there is no way tapper can get to angel through the mud. Jim Kills shark 8-6. Greyscales has 3 influence in the mud. He nabs the ball and should have just WDTG and passed to Angel. Instead I figure why waste the influence? I buy an attack on Tapper 2 inches away. He counter attacks. Whatever, all I need is 1 success to dodge out. Fail my 95% roll and Greyscales is knocked down, ball scatters. *sad trombone*. This basically allows Jim an entire turn of beating up on me before I can end the game. The worst part is I didn’t even really need to buy the attack at all, I just didn’t want to waste the influence. C’est la Vie I guess. Meanwhile, I am trying to stall as much as possible to get to turn 4. FANGTOOTH IS THE REAL MPV and starts knockin dudes down and keeping Rage, Hooper, the cat and Avarice in rough ground! Tapper nabs the ball and passes to Greed next to the goal. So at this point I’m like ok, how do I line up such that on turn 4 I have the best possible chance of pinning down Greede? I move Sakana to roughly center field dot. I move Angel about 7 inches north east of that. Greyscales in the mud because he is knocked down about 5 inches north east of that. Shark is gonna fly back on the board from that same side. Realistically we have 4 players who can maybe nab the ball from Greede.


Turn 4: At this point Fangtooth is at like 8 heath or so. Jim is tired of being stinky and sends poor Fangers off to the showers 8-8. However… the trap has sprung. Shark charges Tapper ends up generating 3 momentum and placing quick foot on Greyscales, and standing him up. In a desperate bid to escape the incoming attack, Greede tries to flee. Greyscales is in the mud afterall. HOWEVER, with quickfoot and WDTG we can easily walk up to greed 1.5 inches away and have 2 chances to tackle the ball. We get it on the first try. Attack again. Bonus time shoot and win the game 12-8. NO ONE FLUFFED THEIR GOAL SHOTS!


Maybe one match is not enough, but I really have to say I think Fangtooth was one of the MVP’s of this match. He consistently tied down 2-4 Brewers at a time and probably soaked up dozens of influence and a few momentum here and there to glide/clear KDs. Although he only brings 1 influence versus Jac’s two, over the course of the game he was net-neutral, whereas Jac can get a bit greedy sometimes. The survivability, as well as the capacity to do something for nothing, really set him apart for me. I am fairly certain he will be the new Anchor of the team. Another thought occurred to me just now: I wonder if, when Jim deliberately didn’t kill shark on turn 2, if Fangtooth could have unleased and killed him on purpose. I suppose that sets shark up for a bombing run on turn 3? Perhaps, something to consider in the future.


Anyway, thanks for reading my match report JFangtooth: Try it, ya might like it!





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