Turning the Tides with Corsair:

Howdy everyone! So I’ve been able to pry my eyes off Pokémon go for long enough to write this article. I know I am what, like 6 months late on Corsair, but I’ve finally gotten a handful of games with him and feel I have a solid grasp on what he is attempting to do.

So if you’ve read the blog in the past you know I am a bit of a Shark Fanboy, so this has certainly been an interesting experience for me. I like to think I am pretty decent at this game, but due to aforementioned Shark-Mania, I sometimes struggle to hone in on the take-out aspect of the game. I’ve come to the determination that Shark just plays such an entirely different style than another other captain, even other goal scorers; I am just a little behind the curve.


So my fellow fishies, what’s so good about the returning pirate, Mr. Corsair? To summarize in a sentence: He’s tank-mode Obulus. There are so many comparisons which can be drawn between the two and I think the play style is very similar.

  • Both can pull the ball off of you at range. Puppet is 8” reach, but may suffer due to low kick stats, so the two abilities are effectively very similar.
  • Both can pull YOU at range. Again, Puppet is a little further range, and has the added flexibility of not going in a straight line, but again is subject to the particular Jog stat of the model you are pulling. Corsair pulls 6 and does it at a 1 (net) influence discount.
  • In melee mode: Both want to go last, pull you in, knock you down, then beat the ever living snot out of you so you they can finish up at the top of turn 2. Corsair’s knockdown is easy to access, but Obulus gets more influence and has confidence to help him get there. They both have their 2 momentous damage in the same spot as well.

The differences are fairly clear, Obulus is very slippery and more mobile, where Corsair is more of a beef cake. Obulus would much rather Unpredictable movement away from you where Corsair is more likely to counter attack and push or knock you down. But overall, I think if you imagine Corsair as a Sea-water Obulus, you’ll get the overall picture of what he is trying to accomplish.

Other things I’ve noticed while playing Corsair:

  • He’s greedy on influence and wants to take his full 6 almost every chance he gets, but I don’t think this maters a whole lot as fish tend to have at least a player or two take zero.
  • The legendary play is tricky to use and requires a degree of forecasting/set up. Don’t expect to get the much benefit from more than a single pass or shot on goal.
  • He cares A LOT more about momentum than Shark. In my experience, shark can generally care less if one of his teammates dies, or if he goes 2nd. Corsair REALLY wants the first activation in turn 2, and really needs to keep himself and buddies healthy if at all possible.
  • Fish can actually fight – even the strikers. Sakana rolls a non-momentous 2 on 3 successes, which isn’t terribly hard against a lot of models due to anatomical precision. Especially easier when he is following his captain around who grants easy crowd out bonuses. Even Mr. Greyscales has 2 damage on 3 successes. These two can gang up on corsair’s targets pretty easily with their superior movement. In a recent game I had Greyscales roll something like 13 attack dice on an enemy rage. Wrap city. The trick here is winning the momentum race while also killing dudes. Early in the game you’re probably going to still want to roll some momentous dodges to ensure you win the momentum race, but turn 3 quickly becomes a game of “I no longer care about momentum because I am about to win”

The Dream: The list I’ve been messing around with lately is as follows:

  • Corsair – because that’s why we’re here.
  • Salt – because salt.
  • Angel – She kind of hangs around not doing much until she does something insane. Personally don’t mind her not doing much because it is easy for her to get to 6+ DEF with salt around. Even your big attackers like Fillet and Hammer don’t really wanna screw around with 6+. It’s just not a great use of resources. THE DREAM is making the half-court 12” shot in the aura. I’ve yet to accomplish this, but can totally see it happening. We get the ball, get it to angel behind our line. Corsair rocks someone’s dome and puts up his legendary. Angel proceeds to shoot from down town, and then becomes an INSANE snapshot threat.
  • Sakana – This is our main flex character. His threat on goal under the legendary is insane, especially considering he is already very mobile. He is also a great follow up attacker as described above. There are rare situations where you may even want him to go first so corsair can attack on someone without any armor.
  • Greyscales – Greyscales is here for ball retrieval and general team support. I believe Corsair wants to be kicking the ball off every single game. If you can score it just beyond the center line, it forces the opponent to either make the play on the ball or Greyscales can easily scoop it up. Greyscales is also great utility for tripping up certain characters with unpredictable movement. The ability to get where he needs to be, with reach, can be invaluable. He’s also a secondary goal threat.
  • Gutter – At the end of the day if all we wanted to do was shoot goals we’d be bringing Shark. Since we’re bringing corsair instead we have to have SOME momentous damage elsewhere on our team. Yeah Sakana has momentous 1, but that really doesn’t cut it. Gutter is really here for two reasons. Extra momentous damage and chain grabs. Even though corsair has the Harpoon chain grab is still incredibly valuable. I’ve already had chain grab do the work rather than wasting 2 inf on a harpoon at least a couple times. This essentially buys corsair an extra 4 or 5 damage when it is his turn to shine. I also imagine a play where someone accidentally overextends, gets chained, then also gets Harpooned to drag them hopelessly far into fish territory. Gutter is also a fine enough kicker to fit into our footballing aspects.

Anyway, that’s my novice experience / gut instincts on corsair thus far. I need to get this sucker painted. Have you tried him? Lemme know what you think!


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