3/5/18 Errata & Lon remembers he has this blog.

Ok. I’m home from work and have had time to process the Errata. I know you are all dying to hear the non-meme thoughts from an extremely average skilled player/pundit/arm chair quarterback. I remember I made this blog ages ago, and it’s a good place for long-form thoughts.


Tater – Starting here because I consider this very minimal. They messed with his counter-charge, so unless your opponent’s tend to trigger the ability… it doesn’t really matter much.

⦁ I don’t think the consumption of the marker is going to all the sudden make your opponent say “yeah! lemme eat this charge”.if Counter-Charge isn’t activated, the marker still turns into influence. Since Counter-Charge *typically shouldn’t* activate, the marker consumption and sweeping charge *shouldn’t* come into play all that often.

⦁ There will be some minor skill based adjustments regarding the placement of the harvest-marker itself. I believe most players will be able to adjust to this in stride.



Millstone – Next up, They nail it on the support queen. My personal opinion was they could probably do nothing to Thresher, change Millstone only, and probably hit pretty close to the mark. These changes are all acceptable and needed. She’s still incredible, but now much more in line with other support characters like Spigot, Hag, and Meathook.

⦁ Def down to 3+/1. I personally always thought it was a little odd she was that tanky, Armor 2 in a team with literally no other natural armor? Weird. Especially with a fairly sizable 17HP. This was the low hanging fruit of the change.

⦁ Minus 2 inches on Take one is fine. I thought it would probably change to once per turn instead, but the range decrease is maybe more interesting. It means the support character needs to be closer to the scrum. If she’s eating KDs now she’s now much more vunderable. 2″ makes a pretty big difference. This is maaaaybe a bit too much of a change? Time will tell.

⦁ Influence to 2/3. Considering Millstone, for all intents and purposes, was a 4/3 model, this is fine. She’s not quite a 3/3 now since harvest-markers are now more readibly consumed, but even being a 2.5/3 is just fine for a support model.



Thersher – Aaaah yes, this year’s Guild Ball Boogey Man. I actually feel like the whole Tresher problem is largely a result of the Season 3.5 Shark and Midas nerfs. Honestly if those changes hadn’t have  happened Fish and Alchemists would have held Thresher down enough people would still bitch about Midas and NPE movement debuffs. But anyway, was Thresher above curve? No doubt, but I think they went a bit far. However, knowing how our community reacts, and knowning steamforged’s propensity to satisfy the crowd based on “Fun”, they probably felt like they needed to play it hard. I suppose I would agree because I don’t want to hear 3 more months of whining about Thresher.

⦁ Poised whatever. 2″ is fine. Thresher never had a tremendous counter-attack anyway. His counter-attack was/is being a proactive murder hobo.

⦁ Playbook change. You lose your 2 damage KD and wrap less often. Vs most models you take the same, unchaged result. He’s slightly worse against X+/0 models now. I don’t think this is actually *that* big a deal. You marginally decrease his damage output.

⦁ Scything March/Fear The… This is the most interesting to meI really like the way the 3″ reach works. The thresher player is usually going to have to make a choice between 3″ reach or damage from fear the… Sometimes there will be a spooky situation where engagement isn’t worth it and you take the 3″. Sometimes you’ll be desparate for a take out and need to risk 2″. I like this dynamic a lot.

Triming  both down to 2″ is fine. This is the part which will separate the good from the great players/opponents. Jackstraw placement becomes more crucial versus kind of a second hand though. Also, makes it a lot easier to clear both these markers if the opponent is anticipating.

The fact you have to choose which you want, range or damage, most likely double’s down on his damage output because if you want 3″ last into first activation, you’re missing out on 6AOE damage.

Honestly, I think most thresher players are going to eventually figure out you just keep him at melee 2″ and take the damage. You’ve got an easy to hit momentous dodge now, so you can always pop out of engagement should you fail to get the kill.

Should they only made the Scything March/Fear the… change I’d be fine. You give him an interesting choice to make. Self limit your damage or self limit your reach. Poised and Playbook change are probably just kicking him while he is down to satiate the mob.



Avarisse & Greede – *Eye Roll* First let me just say, aside from being salty about a model/conversion I can no longer play, I’m totally cool with losing A&G.

⦁ BUT HOLY SHIT STOP SAYING MOMENTOUS DAMAGE DOESN’T BELONG IN FISH. This is one of my biggest pet peeves as it is a terrible excuse and unnecessary design restriction. What if I told you butchers no longer generate momentum from kicks? Honestly this isn’t even the reason you made the change so STOP SAYING IT. The reason you made the change is because Drag shores up Avarisse’s weaknesses so much and makes him too strong.

⦁ You need to start letting Bryce type out the Blog Posts because he’s the one who is actually telling it like it is. Also the back-patting is extremely annoying “We did too good a job!!!” just… stop. Admit the mistake like an adult and move on. I don’t understand why these words show up in interviews, but not official communications.

⦁ Do you know how *little* momentous damage actual is in fish? it’s 4 results. Look it up. FOUR. FOUR RESULTS. The next lowest I think is engineers at 12? IT’S NOT GOING TO BREAK THE GAME TO HAVE A COUPLE MORE IN FISH. ⦁ Do you know how assinine this is? You know what. This is a topic for another day. I could literally write like 4 pages about this with citations, charts and new designs. I’ll spare you… for now.

⦁ Kinda feels like they just struggle to get these dudes right. I mean, what’d we hear on the last pass? “We saw people on day one pull janky goals and we said… oh yeah we didn’t catch that” On this pass one of the very first things I said was basically “yeah he’s gonna be incredible in fish because of drag/2 inch crowd outs”. These things aren’t hard to see. I really just don’t understand it.

⦁ Gutter can fill the same roll and is arguably better in many match ups. Avarisse can really get himself in a pickle if he overextends, and gutter is not so abusable. She’s very self sustaining when necessary and can play football just fine in a jam. Honestly the only time you seriously *need* A&G is against a teams with abundance of HP/Tough hide. Without that Gutter is just fine if not better. Ultimately that’s why I’m ok with it.

⦁ RIP Conversion. Although I have a sweet gutter idea in mind which is way cooler than the UiC one. Guess I better start workin on that.


Summary –  The thumb was probably on the scale for the farmer changes, but overall they are fine. As good as a game as Guild Ball is, it’s a business, and public perception matters. If you’re too light you piss people off and hurt your reputation. Avarisse change is also fine, although the official message was bullshit. Sadly often the case with these things. Fish win rate will barely notice.

Thanks for reading the ramble. You guys rock.


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