Into the record books: June 2018

Good afternoon sports fans!

A little bit of a different post today. As many of you may know I’ve been keeping track of the historical LongShanks data for quite some time now. I’ve kept up a living map of where we’ve been as a game for the last 3 or 4 months. Basically I collect month to month data on Guild Win-Rates as well as Played-Rates, graph it, and look for interesting stuff.

As we approach the midpoint of 2018 I thought it might be fun to give a little “news report” each month, or at least until Season 4 saves us all. Without further ado – Here are your JUNE 2018* HIGHLIGHTS!


The Union takes the highest win rate this month at 60.9%. This is fairly significant as it is the 5th highest win rate in season 3 history. It is only surpassed by Thresher’s domination of December 2017 and pre-nerf Midas shenanigans. Union is strong right now and looks to get even stronger with the temporary ability to field the new Church models.

Surprisingly, Butchers took the number 2 spot at 57.9%. This is a pretty substantial jump from their 49.4% in May and 50.0% in April. Is Vet Gutter the reason for the recent resurgence? Should you start planning anti-butcher tech? Time will tell.

On the other side of the coin we have the lowly rats. The Rat Catchers bucked the pundit predictions and came out screaming with Win Rates solidly in the black for April and May. But in June piper and his crew have seemed to crash to an astonishingly low 39.9%. We haven’t seen a performance that bad since Thresher pushed the Masons almost entirely out of the Meta last January. Will the rats stay hidden or will July be their reassurance?


As they continue to sing the praises of Vet Decimate Brewers see their second completed month in a row solidly in the black. Fishermen still remain the only team who has had a positive win rate for the entirety of season 3.


The Brewers also take it on Played Rate this month accounting for 9.8% of the global tournament meta. The perceived power level of Vet Decimate is certainly a factor here. There’s a somewhat heavy drop off to the 2nd place guilds here in Masons and Engineers at 9.2% each. The masons have been riding a reasonable wave since the Thresher Nerfs, but the Engineers are almost certainly seeing more play due to their shiny new Harriet model.

Morticians receive the 2nd lowest played guild this month at 6.1%. However, the worst played rate in June was the ever struggling Alchemists at 5.9%. Both the Alch played rate and win rate has suffered all year. Hopefully the yet-to-be-spoiled Veteran Calculus will breathe some life into this mediocre showing.


One very encouraging sign in the played rates this month is the spread from most to least played is extremely low. Less than 4% separated the Alchemists and Brewers and the vast majority of guilds are hovering right around 9%. Tournament goers will really need to be ready to either analyze their own local players, or truly prepare their lists for all comers. You may consider getting reps in against the Union matchup though, as they are performing strong all season and will certainly see an increase in played rate with the release of the Faithful box.

What do you think? Any interesting trends or ideas you’d like for me to try and capture? feel free to let me know. As always, thanks for reading!

(*Saturday June 30th is not captured as longshanks always lumps weekends together. This will be included in the July figures)

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