Initial thoughts on church (she’s mad because she’s bad)

Good evening! I hope everyone is staying cool out there! A little bit of everything today. Some hobby stuff with a fair amount of game play as well.

With the release of the new Union models I figured I’d go ahead and get my brisket painted up and try out a legit church team. I’m no stranger to a striker captain so I was hoping she’d be up my alley. I also wanted to try out an orange/black paint scheme I’ve had in mind for a long time.

Hobby stuff:
Trying out a mainly black scheme was fun. I used a very dark grey washed in Nuln oil, then brought things back up to a dark grey. It’s hard to tell in the (bad) photo alone, but the black actually has a fair amount of depth too it. The orange was super fun too. I think she looks like Tron or some sort of Rave-Ninja. I’m pretty happy with the face. Got some nice blending/highlights on the cheeks and forehead. I was also happy to get a little pink on the lips without it looking gaudy. Russ Charles said she looked mad. She does seem, at very least, annoyed. Based on my game tonight I can’t say I blame her.
bris mad

Yay for close ups revealing all the imperfections (wonky eyeballs)! One last thing on the hobby front, I did try a new basing method with cork board. I think it looks ok, but it’s something I’ll need to refine. I can see it being cool once I get the hang of it. I did feel it needed a tiny something extra so added a little green plant post picture.

Game Play:
So I got my first game in. I was going for true church here so I went with Brisket 3, Pride, Spigot 3, Fangtooth 2, Harry, and Mist. The idea of the team was between Spigot, Mist, and Brisket I could probably nail 3 goals, but can swap into 2-2 if necessary with Fangers/Spigot. Harry plays a little bit of support/control early, then helps finish people off with pushes and crowds late. Pride does pride things.

We matched into one of my local Blacksmith players Cameron. He wen’t all European and dropped Burnish (captain), Cast, Hearth, Alloy, Furnace and Cinder. I don’t really want to do a batrep here, but I’ll give the basic highlights.

He opted to kick off to try and threaten a turn 1 alloy goal. Mist retrieved, passed to fangtooth for a belly pass to spigot. Spigot went ahead and activated to prevent alloy’s goal. Bounced a pass off Brisket and scored a pretty easy one. Spigot then got mobbed by some angry blacksmiths. 4-2.

Top of turn 2 Mist Missed a goal. Some things never change. He proceeded to get mobbed. Fangtooth hit a ground pound. The ball was super deep behind the enemy goal so brisket teleported to mist to try and save him / set him up for next turn. Cinder popped the ball and the crowd killed it out to the wing midfield. Somehow Mist escapes dying, gets out of melee, and tries to get between Alloy and the ball. Alloy decides to kill him instead of taking a goal run. 4-4.

Top of 3 Brisket activates with a plan of dancing around Furnace/Hearth, disengaging, walking up to the ball and scoring. Brisket ends up hitting a single success on 6 consecutive attacks. I cry in a corner. Burnish gets dead. I set up to kill Cast. Brisket gets dead. 6-6.

Top of 4 Brisket comes back on with +2/+2 MOV. Tries to route one Alloy, fails, sprints past him. Tackles the ball, but fails to hit the 2 inch dodge necessary to get her into goal range. Instead she is forced to pass to Fangtooth, who thankfully is able to belly to Spigot waaaay on the other wing. Burnish comes in and tries to kill Brisket and fails. Realizing no one can possibly get to Spigot, Fangtooth activates and gets Cast down to about 2 health. Alloy makes a desperate attempt to intercept spigot. Spigot murders Cast, easily jogs around Alloy for a 4 dice tap in and wins. 12-6.

Single Game Spicy Takes:
The upside is Fangtooth and Spigot are both as good as people are think they are.
Fangtooth’s charge-achievable ground pound is pretty useful for early scrum disruption and Belly Pass is perhaps better than I expected. You can bonus time it, but even when it misses you’ll often intercept the ball. The 6 damage is also achievable if you can layer some crowd outs and man, turns out an 8 damage wrap is good. He’s also seems like the number one choice for Brisket’s legendary most times.

Spigot is a very useful all rounder. He has a near-automatic turn one goal. While that in and of itself isn’t so uncommon, he also has the potential to switch gears. It feels like that’s what made him so special in this game. The two team up well to kill most models it seems.

The bad news is Brisket is as bad as people think she is…
Turns out a 1″ melee, tac 5 captain with no momentous result on 1 is preeetty garbage. It seems her main problem is she simply doesn’t accomplish anything at all outside of plays on ball. This might even be fine except for the fact it is so easy to invalidate her play on the ball. Something as simple as the ball being in space shuts down most of her tech.

Route 1 doesn’t even seem that useful honestly. It’s not like people are going to leave the ball on a model 7″ from their goal, so you’re almost always going to use it after you advance. It’s def not Tidal Surge or Snow Ball.

Angles get weird. Counter attacks are scary AF. Almost any armor shuts off her momentum. She’s just way to easy to invalidate. Coming from captains like Shark, Corsair, and Rage… that’s a big change for me. Now I did have some rough luck this game and probably made plenty of mistakes, but honestly I can’t imagine ever voluntarily dropping her in a competitive match. ESPECIALLY when you can drop Rage and get all the Strong Fangy/Spigot benefits for the next few months.

It could be I played her wrong and expected too much from her. Maybe the key is you don’t rely on her past a goal or so. Maybe she sits back and threatens to do stuff, but doesn’t actually do it until absolutely necessary. The team certainly shined around her. Maybe I try her again and lean more heavily on the team. That way she can’t disappoint me.

And as always #S4WSUA. Maybe she gets a rework. I enjoy dabling in character design so here’s what I would do to make her more relevant.

A big thing that makes better 1″ melee strikers good is the option to split their movement. I don’t think Brisket is any different. Vet brisket had quick time so I think we riff off that. I also think her legendary needs to be accessible more frequently than once a game, we’ll tone it down to compensate. We’re going to combine these two ideas.

The second problem is if she is going to be Tac 5 1″ reach as a captain she MUST have a momentous result on 1. Sorry. Every other Tac 5 captain in the game has a momentous result on 1. I don’t really get why she doesn’t.

Finally I do believe she needs something to do when a ball is killed. I don’t think it has to be super strong, but a bad scatter should not totally invalidate your captain. Something which supports her team would be nice.

Here’s what I’ve come up with to address these fundamental issues, while still trying to maintain her Brisket-ness.

brisket rework
No change to stats. The Playbook gets 2 minor tweaks. Her dodge on 1 is now momentous which was desperately needed. She also ditches the 2 damage double dodge for a Tackle double dodge on 5. This isn’t easy to hit, but allows her to tackle and escape from 2″ reach models.

Ditch Aplomb and Goal of the Month. Both of these are barely above blank space.

Lost route one and Worthy Sacrifice becomes a 3inf Character play and loses the friendly model dodge component. It becomes a buy-able place for around 6 inches. This is like a more restrictive tidal surge which goes a bit further. It feels fair due to the need for a nearby ally.

Legendary becomes “Fan of knives” which a) is a great pun, b) hearkens back to original brisket, and c) really can help push her teammates towards the take outs they want so badly. While probably not the most optimal thing in the world – teleporting to Fangtooth, throwing knives, then swinging for momentous 2s feels like a legitimate play when the ball’s been killed.

Overall, this change reduces her dependency on always chasing the ball while keeping her a perfectly reasonable striker. She gets a little tech to support her team. Everything seems fair, but so much more capable.


Anyway, this post got super long winded. Sorry about that. I do hope this let you scratch your head a little bit about an upcoming minor guild captain. Hopefully season 4 will give her a good make over and I’ll feel excited to play her more. Until then I’ll keep practicing! What are your thoughts? Have you tried the new church team yet? Let me know how it went! Until next time – thanks for reading!

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