Southeastern Team Championship – Rosters!

As many of you may know, I’ve been organizing the Southeastern Team Championship near Asheville NC on 7/21! We’ve got 12 very strong teams from across the South East Metas and Beyond. In fact you’ll likely recognize many of these names as very high up in the rankings on Long Shanks. The majority of the field here (24 our of 36) are ranked in the top 100 in the US with several being in the top 20. This should be a good one to watch for everyone worldwide, and if I can manage, I will try to record/upload some of the games.

Without further ado – here are the team compositions, with rosters, for your viewing pleasure!

stc rosters

(One quick side note: Although the faithful box will technically be released, we decided due to the limitation of our venue, release date, and access concerns, it would not be legal for this event)

Every Guild except Alchemists is represented. One trend you will notice is a LOT of purple. In fact 9 out of 12 teams have a union player. 7 out of 12 have a brewers player. Here’s a visual breakdown by guild:

STC Guild Breakdown

What trends do you see? Anything interesting? Does this represent the future of the season 3 meta? Speculate away! Don’t forget to tune in to LongShanks next Saturday!

You can see how the teams are doing here:

You can see how your favorite SE Players are doing here:


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