Video!! Momentous Inspiration #1

Hello Sports Fans! Do I have a treat for you today!


My local buddy Bryan Will and I have decided to reboot our Guild Ball recordings! These will be recorded matches of Guild Ball in which we will provide you with the play by play. We’ll also provide plenty of color commentary along the way!

In partnership with Momentous Tackle, Without further ado: Momentous Inspiration #1

This first video was recording during Round 1 of the South Eastern Team Championship. It’s an absolutely incredible game between Mike Rhodes from Greenville, SC and Clay Lundy from Charleston. Although it’s a mirror, it really highlights a major theme of Guild ball, but I won’t spoil it. You’ll just have to watch!

We hope you enjoy this! Please feel free to reach out with any comments or feedback!

(PS: please disregard the white text overlay on the video. I did not realize it would be on the recording and was unable to keep up with it while also running the event. The score in this match is wildly inaccurate, but the graphical overlays are right!)


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