I heard you needed more Navigator content!

Hello all! As many of you know I’ve been pretty diehard on the scoring guilds throughout most of my Guild Ball Career. I’d venture to guess over 90% of my games have been with good ol Fishermen. Now that Navigators are officially spoiled I wanted to take a moment today and see how the two teams stack up against one another as well as give my general thoughts on the team.

By the way! I was jealous of the Magazine Wind Finder,  but I wanted a whole matching single sided set. So I decided to make my own custom single sided “Galaxy” Nav Cards! They aren’t like crazy super professional, but I think they stand out. Feel free to save/print these as you wish!

Let’s jump into things.


1 Galaxy Windfinder

  • At first glance Windfinder really struck me as a support captain. “Full Speed Ahead” really gives just about any model on the team a captain-esque activation. I’m already loving the idea of Ebb and Azimuth throwing 4 or 5 attacks each on an Eye Spy’d/KD model, not to mention it allows for some masked influence allocation of goal runs.
  • Then I thought about her Legendary a little more. It didn’t dawn on me at first it could be used offensively, but I think that’s where the true power lies.
    • Simple – She can use this as a free WDTG for her own goal run giving her a maximum 22” Threat for only 3 influence. This might get a little tricky though on turn 1 because you still need to find a charge target 11” away when you start.
    • More Complex – I don’t think it should be too much for Windfinder to use her legendary to call two friends to her side for crowd outs. At this point she is throwing 7 dice. On a 4+/1 she hits her Eye Spy/KD 93% of the time. Then she’s rolling 9 dice on a 3+/1 which hits 3 damage 93% of the time. Then she can throw bonus timed swings which hit 4 damage 70% of the time. I think folks are sleeping on her damage output.
  • Oddly she seems to find her way nestled smack in the middle of Shark and Corsair. Folks forget both fish captains have the capacity to play a support role as well as be the star. I don’t think Windfinder is any different. I believe she’ll have enabling activations, scoring activations, as well as unexpected take outs.
    • I do think Shark has her flat beat on the goal scoring game. She’s outclassed on both reach and maneuverability.
    • She gives the sea dog a run for his money on the fighting game though. I do think Corsair has the edge though because the big man has the ability to proactively dictate where he fights. Windfinder still has to chase her targets. I’ve always felt like that’s a pretty huge deal and a reason why Corsair is so successful. I do think her team supports a takeout strat more than Corsair’s team will once Navs release.

rating 1


2 Galaxy Wander

  • I’ve always enjoyed playing Salt. One of the reasons for this is I believe he is a great kick off retriever. If I can send my mascot up there that is great because it isn’t an exposed squaddie. Because of this I’ve always been jealous of Dirge’s efficiency as a retrieval piece. Unfortunately, despite flying, Wander doesn’t have that efficiency because he needs an influence to get an extra 5”. The ‘1/4” kick isn’t that exciting either, even with rerolls. I don’t think wander compares well to Salt. Also Salt has the capacity to score well during desperate times. Charge into a Tackle WDTG with a kick at the end. I will give the bird a little credit for about their necks. I think that is a better safety tool than loved creature.
  • I do believe wander is going to have a tendency to take his 1 influence a turn. If hag has taught me anything – an out of activation dodge is pretty incredible. In this regard I believe Wander is more like tentacles as a support piece. The team always brings 13inf so I think it is worth sparing 1 for the bird. Unfortunately the dodge is really nowhere near as good as blind.

rating 2


3 Galaxy Fathom

  • I won’t go too in depth on Fathom as I covered here a few weeks ago. I do believe she is the clear #1 striker of the Minor Guild. I don’t believe there is a matchup where you clearly drop her. She’s going to find a way to the pitch in nearly every game due to her incredible mobility, goal threat, and 2” reach.
  • I compare her most closely to Original Sakana in Fish. They’ve both got built in efficiency of movement and clear striking potential. I’ll give Fathom the edge for raw distance and I can’t ignore her tackle double dodge. However Sakana’s TAC 5, Anatomical, with a great playbook. Fathom doesn’t do that much aside from scoring where Sakana has some utility. I’ll end them on even footing.

rating 3


4 Galaxy Horizon

  • As with Fathom We discussed Horizon already. In context of his own Guild I like him in two areas:
    • First, when receiving, take your first turn goal with him and basically say “come at me bro” to your opponent. Then Horizon haunts their backline all game threatening to steal balls and take shots.
    • Second, using him in some capacity to try to shove models off the board.
  • I kind of think of Horizon in the same way I think of Greyscales due to his slipperiness. Except his defense comes from the fact he’s not worth killing vs popping the UPM. They both seem to be reasonable ball snaggers as well as have the capacity to weave in and out of a crowd.
  • I also think of him a little bit like Siren. Rather than seducing he is attempting to charge in, Tackle << then kick back out himself. Horizon is such a hard model to grade though because of how different he works versus every other model in the game. Honestly I think he probably gets dropped more often than not. I think siren is probably more effective in his two roles? But maybe not? Dictating an activation is pretty powerful.

rating 4


5 Galaxy Azimuth

  • The first thing you need to know about Azimuth is cut his playdoh hair off his sculpt and green stuff him up a nice Afro-Samurai style haircut. This is what the deep gods would want. The second thing you need to know about Azimuth is how sad I am he isn’t in fish. He is the only navigator with Literal fishing gear! However I am probably ok with this happening because then Kraken would never see the light of day again.
  • Azimuth is crazy. Going to DEF 5 or 6 once a turn, with bonkers counter attacks means only choice models can even come into him. Oh you wanna hit me? How about I just dodge and disarm you like 80-90% of the time? Oh or maybe I’ll dodge and knock you OR YOUR FRIEND OVER THERE down instead? I think Nav coaches will need to learn and understand how to not get baited into wasting Gladiator and Poised though. That’s gonna be his trick.
  • I think Azimuth is going to find his way to all but the most extreme goal scoring lists. He’s that centerpiece you’re gonna need to try to keep the rest of the team alive. He’s also the muscle you’ll want to occasionally pour some extra damage into a fool.

rating 5


6 Galaxy Ebb

  • Ebb is a weird one and I think very matchup dependent. He can go pretty crazy on someone after or before wind finder does her thing. It reminds me a little bit of how Corsair and Vet Siren used to play together pre-nerf. I think you’ll really want to consider how you plan to win the match before dropping ebb. You’ve got better choices for goal scoring and control, but he is probably the premier dedicated damage dealer.
  • I do think a lot of folks are sleeping on him. If you’re aiming for a 2-2 win you really do need to take a look at this model. He also plays late game backup striker pretty well with 15” goal threat and the momentous T<< on the charge. You can MAYBE get away with ebb in fathom’s slot on a more dedicated fighting team. Maybe.
  • As far as comparison’s go – He’s kind of a hodge podge. I could kind of think about blessing as tough hide or true path/smooth the way as lightfoot/quickfoot. I could also see Sprung a leak being reasonably compared to Sakana’s Weak Point. This might sound strange, but I’m actually going to rate him out of Gutters. Leak is kind of pseudo anatomical, tac 4 with rerolls should be similar to tac 5 or more. He has a 2 damage on 3 and a KD on 4 and maybe Blessings is a little like lifedrinker for survivability in a scrum. I still give gutter the edge though. 2” melee OP.

rating 6


7 Galaxy Siren

  • Finally we come to the Fish Crossovers. I’ll try to keep this brief as well as these are existing cards, but I do think it is worth pointing out Siren gets pretty crazy with a free charge. She basically gets back to her Pre-Nerf self and I can easily see her as the go to kick-off model for Navs. I think Navs return her to her former glory.

rating 7


8 Galaxy Angel

  • Oh Angel. What am I going to do with you? Is linked enough to make you good? I don’t know but your playbook is still awful and you don’t have the benefit of Nav rerolls. I’m sure there are going to be folks who win in 8 activations with Fathom and Angel, but I just can’t forsee that being the normal lineup.

rating 8

Final Musings:

Overall I am super stoked about Navigators. I do feel like if you are the kind of person who wants to consistently aim for 3 goals you are going to want to stick with Shark. I am a little unseasy about Corsair’s future in Season 4, so Perhaps Windfinder and crew provides us with the 2-2 plan we want to aim for. Honestly I think the mixed game plan is the way to go. The goal strategy is so heavily impacted by variance.

The list building for this team is actually pretty rough as far as the 6 is concerned. It strikes me the kind of “Core” will be Azimuth, Fathom, and Siren. The Last slot is probably goes to Ebb for me personally, but I totally understand the folks who want to try out linked Angel. Horizon also deserves some major testing. I think he is going to be one of those models who really skill-checks the opposition. It’s going to be a lot of experimentation that’s for sure.

As always thanks for reading! Be sure to let me know your thoughts and print off and enjoy your customer cards! Safe Travels!



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