Into the Record Books: September 2018

Season 4 spoilers? Naaaahhhh… I wasn’t even in the Honorable mentions!?! Come on SFG… Don’t fret though readers. I’ve stolen secret, highly classified, information from the SFG Vault and will post it sometime next week. Unless the Jamie swat catches me first…


While I run from the law I know what you really crave. Hard hitting graphs!


Played Rates:

This month we saw the World Team Championship shake things up a little bit. First starting with the played rates. The secret sauce is out on Blacksmiths. The Anvil tech, led by Jared M and others, has seen them rise to their highest played rate since their second box was released. The Union figure is no surprise, nor is the large amount of Fish worldwide.

PR High

On the low side we see Alchemists, despite having success recently, has not translated into more players. In fact they’ve tanked below my axis minimum to 3.5% and I’m  not going to fix it now. Farmers and Rats are still collecting dust as well. However, played rates do not always equal win rates.

PR Low


Win Rates:

Well, even with Season 4 right around the corner… it’s still in the year of the dog. Union takes first place as is tradition. A little surprising though is Falconers take a pretty nice Jump to 54% wins and that’s with a solid 136 games too. Other recent releases have followed a pattern like this after initial release as well. We’ll have to wait and see if the falcons keep flying high. Brewers bounced back this month from their sub 50% win rate in August to a respectable 53.9%.

WR HighNot much to report on the bottom tier. Rats and Morts are still skulking around the low 40s. Engineers join them this month with a very mediocre 44.9%

WR LowI don’t normally report the middle of the field, but this month there are two very large surprises. First off Farmers climb out of their hole of mediocrity to peak at 53.4% in September. They’ve ranged from 39.5% to 49.2% since Thresher’s nerf so this is a pretty big deal. Perhaps even bigger than that is the fishermen fell below 50% for the very first time in season 3 history! What happened guys?!

Fish WR


Anyway guys. September was the last full month of Season 3 so I’d like to say thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this segment please let me know and I will try to keep it going into season 4! I’m also open to new ideas as well. Thanks again everyone!

Teaser teaser:




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