Special Audio Feature!!! Lon on One w/ Bryce, Steve, and Jamie!

Hi Everyone! So I spent some time in Steamforged Jail for my crimes. What were they you say? Rescuing this beautiful piece of character art from the digital shredder. I’ll consider this my S4 exclusive! #Sexykana 4 lyfe. 10/10 would boost again.


While in the clink I did manage to snag interviews with the Guild Ball development team. I really appreciate the guys giving me a moment of their time, and I hope you all will too! The format here is a quick snack-sized interview; it fits in great to your lunch break. I thought it would be interesting to get 3 different perspectives on the same set of questions.

 First up was the Spooky Boi himself Mr. Jamie Perkins. Jamie was even kind enough to smash my navigators 12-4. Click here for Jamie


Second we caught up with Steve M. For those of you unfamiliar with Steve he is the main dude for God Tear, but also rocks a ton of Guild Ball design. Click here for Steve


Finally, we round things out with my new buddy, and super-woke-scottsman, Bryce. Bless his heart. Click here for Bryce


Special thanks to Pete from ‘Rage Quit Wire’ for doing the editing/hosting. If you aren’t already a listener, please check out their sites and patreon!

RQW Webpage

RQW Facebook

RQW Patreon

Thanks guys! Let me know if you liked this, if so maybe I will produce more of it in the future!



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