Contest: Create a Captain!

In honor of our new captain overlords, as well as upcoming errata, let’s hold a little contest shall we?


Some of you may know I like to dabble in Guild Ball character design. In fact Chris Schlegel and I designed an entire “Miner’s guild” about a year before that was a real thing!

So in order to get your juices flowing I’m asking each of you to design your own captain! It can be from any guild and have any abilities you like. Maybe it is even from a previously unplayable guild? Maybe it’s a rework of an existing captain? Let your imagination run wild!

How to play:

  • Download this template.
  • Create your Captain.
  • Send to before next Tuesday 2/19/18.
  • I will select my favorite 3. I’ll put those to a vote to determine the winner! (format tbd, probably on a poll on gubs will be easiest.)

What’s at stake you say? Besides prestige, it’d only be fitting for a special captain to be on the line. I have a pretty unique resin sculpt who has been dying (ha) to find a home outside my closet for some time… It could be yours!


So send me your best! I’d hate to see what’d become of you should to miss out on this…


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