Results: Create a Captain!

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Good day everyone! The results are in for the Create a Captain contest!

First let me just give a huge THANK YOU to the entire community! You guys submitted over 50 captains! In fact, the task ended up being a bit more than I could handle on my own so I had to bring in a recruit. I found someone just kind of wandering around the digital Guild Ball scene. He’s pretty new to the whole thing, but I think he did an ok job grading these. You might have run into him once or twice – Jamie Perkins? Well we each independently graded every entry from 1 to 5 in two categories: Idea and Balance.

Due to the high number of entries I decided to expand the winners out a little bit.

  • People’s Choice, as elected by GUBS poll.
  • Lon’s choice – My highest rated (non-winning) captain.
  • Perkin’s choice – Jamie’s highest rated (non-winning) captain.
  • Finally our grand Champion who had the highest combined points between Jamie and myself.


People’s Choice:

Virulence the Ratcatcher; Submitted by Niclas Ledin!


Virulence is a really interesting concept for a more combat focused Rat with a big push on the disease mechanic. I think a lot of folks really love the legendary which essentially diseases the entire field. This sets up his super accessible AOE damage as well. I think some of the fat on the back of the card might need to be trimmed, but overall fantastic idea with pretty good execution. Virulence blew away the competition with 63 votes, nearly 3 times as many votes as the other candidates!

For his efforts Niclas will receive a Chibi Pin and a slightly deformed bucket-o-balls!


Lon’s Choice:

Umbra the Hunter; Submitted by Jan Geric!


This one stirred up a bit of controversy. Even Jamie and I had a pretty heavy grading disagreement on Umbra, but this one is my choice so too bad! Ok, first off “So Stealthy” has to go. Make her a 5+/0 and be done with it. Untargetable is no bueno. All agreed? Ok. That aside Umbra had a lot to fall in love with conceptually. The Shadow Hunter is such an incredible and barely explored concept thus far in Guild Ball. She is to cover what Theron is to forests and Skatha is to ice. I certainly think some of the numbers could be tweaked, but overall she is packed full of flavor and would play in a manner that’s unique, but feels super huntery at the same time.

Jan, in true Lon-Spirit, will receive a golden Fangtooth model along with one of our bucket miscasts!


Jamie’s Choice:

Veteran Captain Greed; Submitted by Stevan Meisoll!

Vet Greede

We both loved Vet Greede. He is bursting with flavor and you clearly get a since of the little guy riding on the big tortoise. His slow movement works beautifully with Tag Along. And “Joust” is simply inspired. Lure was a bit of a sticking point, but the leadership “hit here” abilities like Eye Spy and Tripping stick are certainly 100% Greede. Jamie immediately mentioned he showed this to Steve and Bryce. He mentioned wasn’t beyond stealing an idea or two, so perhaps some of this will translate into real life!

For his hilariously flavorful submission, Stevan will receive a set of Union dice!

Grand Champion:

Patrol the Watchman; Submitted by Nicholas Leberth!

patrol card
Note: Patrol was originally a 2″ reach female, but this terrible MS Paint card rendition has been sliiiiightly edited to reflect the wonderful illustration by Phil Bowen. Full Pic below!

Patrol is simply very solid design backing a super cool idea. We’ve heard about the Watchmen of the Guild Ball universe and it is totally within the realm of possibility they make it as a Minor. As memory serves, Ferris of the blacksmiths was once a watchman. Both Jamie and I liked the idea of a Guild which heavily benefits from Gang Ups and Crowd Outs with abilities like “I need backup” and “not on my watch”. There is a lot to work around here and Patrol is a solid all around guild baller looking to enforce JUSTICE!

For winning the contest Nicholas will be receiving one of our special buckets as well as a Resin KS blackheart model! Grats!



Winners, please contact me at with your address and I’ll get these prizes into the post.

This was a lot of fun and I am glad to see everyone got their creative juices flowing. If you’re ever looking to home brew up some more cards look no further than the Guild Ball Zone discord’s Character Design Channel. Again thank you to everyone who entered the contest. Special thanks to Phil Bowen for the wonderful portrait of Patrol! And thanks to Jamie for taking the time out of his busy schedule to review the submissions. I’m absolutely positive the new season 4 captains will blow you away and I’m sure we’ll be discussing them soon. Until then everyone!


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