Into the Record Books: February 2019

Well here we are everyone. It seems like Season 4 just started, yet here we are at the end of the Spooky Ladies era. While I certainly enjoyed the surprises like Brewers yo-yoing up and down, as well as the rise of engineers, I wonder if the S 4.0 meta didn’t quite have enough time to mature.

Soon we’ll have the chance to start fresh debates about shiny new toys. I know I, as I am sure most of you, are looking forward to it. In anticipation of the new world boarder I’ll be keeping the monthly parts of this a bit light. I think it might be more valuable/interesting to expand on the aggregate Season 4.0 experience. Anywho Let’s do this thing!

Played Rates:

Longshanks saw 1280 games in the 4 February weekends. This is almost exactly average for the last 9 months. It’s nice to see events are starting to warm up. Personally I think we’re in for a record breaking competitive year.

PR High2

Played rates weren’t super exciting in Feb. I suppose the big story is some of the more popular guilds, like Butchers and Hunters, were starting to slump a little in the winter months, however both scream back in February bringing Alchemists along with them.

PR Mid2



PR Low2

Most of the middle and low end of the pack remained relatively similar from January. The Navigators took a solid hit. This was predicted as I’m sure many people, who were just dying to get them in their hands, realized maybe the playstyle wasn’t quite for them. Notably Falconers saw only 25 competitive games played… which I believe is another all-time low record for an established guild.

Win Rates:

WR High

Engineers took it this month with an astounding 59.1% win rate. Still not too many people playing them though. The true believers are making an impact, so if you wanna get into cogs look out for those names on the guild badge list to unlock their secrets. Another interesting note is Blacksmiths picking up 11 points over January. I kinda trashed on um last month a little so I suppose the Blacksmith players had to show me what was up. Finally on the top side we see Brewers continue their weird ping pong thing. It actually looks like that’s been going on since Vdeci’s release. Hard to put my finger on what is happening there.

WR Mid

Midfield we see butchers continuing to eek out an above .500 finish. Fish fall below 50% for only the second time since I’ve been keeping track! Interesting there were absolutely zero fish players at Bourbon trial last weekend. Really weird for a popular team.

WR Low

On the low end we see the Navigators crash to match their played rate, thus confirming another example of schlegel-theory: Minors are always strong for a month or two when they come out because no one understands how to beat them. We’ve seen this trend 3 for 3 on releases now. Union plummets again as we see Rats and Falconers kiss in the middle. Not so hard to influence those though, given like 2 people are actually playing them.

Victory Index:

Victory Index

We see the hunters edge out butchers from the largest slice this month. Hunters picked up a solid 5% more wins than they saw in January. Butchers picked up 2% and Blacksmiths see a solid 3% gain. From there it’s a little bit of a scrum, save for Navigators giving up a solid 4% due to the minor guild curse.

Special Feature: Season 4.0 Lookback –

Special props to our S 4.0 Spooky Ladies Ranked champions!

top 10 ranked players

Alllright, On to the guilds. How did things panned out as a whole? You can see this for yourself in longshanks, but I gotta stay on brand with my sweet excel based charts:

Collected S4.0

Looks like the community was fairly correct about Hunters, Butchers and Morticians. These three were widely predicted to be strong top tier contenders and that did in fact play out in the numbers. And as we explored last month GB gamers really do seem to play things which reflects how competitively strong they can be, at least on the top end.

I think folks generally missed when it comes to Farmers and Fishermen. Maybe the farmer changes just weren’t as flashy as some of the other stuff that happened? But ol Thresher is floating a 57.8% win rate, tied with Skatha for top dog of 4.0. Interesting stuff. People probably undersold Fish due to failure to visualize exactly how strong Corsair’s ring out game could become.

captain ranks

Alchemists ended up being a little bit of a flop. For as scary as Smoke was initially perhaps people just didn’t pilot her particularly well? Blacksmiths really blew it overall too. Apparently a printed 8 isn’t enough.

Taking a look at my initial impressions here:

Lon tiers

If memory serves I posted this up on twitter right before SCUS. I think this is reasonably reflective of what most of the community was feeling. Again pretty good on the high and low end, but the middle kind of loses focus pretty hard.

But what about the highest ranked players? What if we filter out scrubs like me and only look at the top 10 for each guild? We did that exercise once before and here it is again. This is the combined win rate for the top 10 players per guild, as well as the difference from the baseline stat:

top 10 only

Again we see the big three on top. We see the most skilled players raise each team’s win rate by an average of 11.4%, but honestly there isn’t a whole lot of positional change here. Most Guild which stack up well in the general population stack up pretty similarly amongst the best of us. Morticians, Brewers and Blacksmiths seem to get the most rise from a skilled hand, where as Farmers and Order might be mid table assassins? I think that is a reasonable lesson to take away. While Great players certainly raise the bar, it really seems, at least based on this information, most factions benefit in a similar way. What’s good on top is emulated in the middle. It’s especially interesting to see the lower end guilds don’t benefit nearly as much from a great player. This suggests the idea of certain teams having a skill cap could be a real thing. Poor Falconers. Lets pray you get some serious love in the errata.

Overall it’s been really great to review all these numbers with you guys for the last 4 months. I hope you found the information valuable and entertaining! What was your biggest surprise or best memory from S 4.0? Please let me know if you think there are ways I can improve these write ups. The feedback is always appreciated. So long Spooky Ladies!


Oh! Wait! I almost forgot… What will the next season be named? Well some of my Media partners and I thought long and hard about this. Season 4.1 will henceforth be known as… BvB. Ball vs Boar of Education!

Ball vs Boar of Education


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