Wave 2 captains with Bryce: Part 1 – Corker!

Good morning Momentous Tacklers! We’ve got a special treat for you today; The Farmer’s son himself Bryce Johnston! Bryce is joining me today to give you his thoughts on the second wave of new captains!

Due to the way the media program embargo is working this time around this is going to be the first in a four part series, so make sure you tune in all week for the rest of the reveals! These are a little bite sized versus my normal posts so at the end I will likely condense everything into one larger article.

Anywho, business aside, let’s get right into it and talk about Corker!



yo dawg

Lon: Give me the inspiration behind Corker. Is there a story there or did you guys start off with the idea of a bouncer? He’s got that kind of video game drunk big guy trope to him.

Bryce: Oh, he’s definitely inspired by video game drunk big guy tropes, but hey, tropes are tropes for a reason. He’s sort of supposed to be the big, drunk bruiser of a guy. Like the guy at a party that’s cheerfully slinging out free beers to anyone who wants one, keeping the party going, and acting as an unofficial bouncer all in one. So yeah, you’re not far off the mark in your first impression, which is pretty good cause it means we got the art/tone right!

Lon: Out of these 4 captains I think Corker is the one that scares me the most. Maybe as much as VBoar. Tac 7 with a pretty dope playbook is awesome. He buffs himself and others. He’s beating out ol Esters and Tapper in raw stats for sure. What do you think holds him back versus the other two brewer captains?

Bryce: I dunno if I’d say he beats out Esters and Tapper in raw stats. Like same kick, same defensive stats, same MOV as Tapper. TAC 7 is boss, of course, but Tapper gets there with Commanding Aura. Esters role is slightly different, of course, she’s intended to be the more support captain. I think compared to Tapper he’s only got a 1” melee, so he’s more vulnerable to counter attacks from anyone with Sturdy or Cocksure up (Farmer privilege showing!). He also can’t hand out a damage buff to anyone but himself, whereas Tapper brings Commanding Aura and Esters bring Tooled Up. So while he himself has a decent damage output than Tapper or Esters, his team relies on beer tokens to make more attacks to get the higher damage output.

Lon: Spit and Sawdust really seems like it changes a lot of calculus. Just off the top of my head counter-attacks are going to be very hard to avoid against a brewer team. What else did you guys discover in playtest with this one? How did opponents deal with it?

Bryce: So with this one, I think this is probably going to be a relatively common misunderstanding, unfortunately. Spit and Sawdust doesn’t allow Brewer models to make attacks while knocked down, just to engage. It’s one very specific exception to the normal knocked down rules. So basically it makes it very hard to avoid Ganging Up/Crowding Out penalties from Brewers, cause knocking them down doesn’t prevent that. But if you knock them down, they can’t make any kind of attacks, so don’t worry on that front.


Lon: I think it is really interesting how Corker seems to start the game off kind of slow. His move isn’t that great and his influence stat is terrible before you get the team going with a couple Free Bar triggers. Seems like he might promote an even harder scrummy/turtling brewer team? I’m also terrified by 6 “influence” Decimate. Actually almost Pseudo 7 because Whiskey chaser seems particularly great on her. Who else have you found pairs well with Corker?

Bryce: Brewers were always intended to be a scrummy/deathbally style team, so that’s all to the good if he does encourage that. It doesn’t seem like much of that style of play is super good in Season 4, if we’re honest, since fast footballing options are more popular than ever. Ha, yeah Decimate, Hooper, Friday, Spigot…tbh I don’t think there’s a Brewers model that doesn’t like what Corker brings to the table. Effective 5 influence Hooper is wicked.

Lon: Finally… Legless Drunk. WTF? I need to know the story here. I’m not sure we’ve seen this kind of explicit RNG in a trait before.

Bryce: Haha, well, this is what we call the Mat Hart effect. Every so often he likes to throw an unexpected curveball into the works, and Legless Drunk is one of his curveballs. He was keen for us to explore some design space in this direction, largely to see if we could make it work within the existing GB framework, and I think we’ve managed pretty well on that front.

mat goblins

Lon: It strikes me as a pretty dangerous ability. Almost like Resilience and Unpredictable movement wrapped into one. Resilience you could burn with stuff like Marked Target, but this feels even harder to deal with. Even unpredictable you know exactly what is going to happen and how to best minimize it. How does a fighting team, like say, a farmers team or butchers team attempt to interact with this ability?

Bryce: It’s his ‘defensive tech’ that Brewer captains get, like Tough Hide on Tapper or Resilience on Esters. Ping it off with Crop Dusting from Jackstraw, Dirty Knives from Brisket, or Axe Throw from Boiler, basically. Even the most fighty based team, like the ones you mentioned, have some form of ranged damage output. It’s very deliberately a push rather than a dodge so it has to be in a straight line, and stops if he contacts terrain, so with good play you can push him up against an obstacle and stop him escaping that way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not necessarily trivial to ignore, but the fact it’s a push means there are more ways around it than it might appear at first.


Ok Everyone! That does it for today! Make sure to come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about the next one! About those end of month numbers…

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