Wave 2 captains with Bryce!! Part 2 – Corbelli!

Now that you’ve digested all the facts and figures, along with my bad opinions, let’s see what Bryce has to say about Corbelli! Mr. Guild Ball himself!




Lon: Corbelli is certainly my favorite of all of these. It’s almost enough to make me want to pick up Masons. I also want you to know I take personal credit for this glorious Afro. I can finally climb down off my hill of hair.

Bryce: I think you’d be amazed at how much of our time in the office is spent sitting around just chatting about your opinions.

Actual Footage of me the first time I looked at this “striker”

Lon: I feel like there is so much to unpack with this model. First, what’s up with the 2” reach here? And talk to me about this playbook man. It’s real good. It seems like he puts all the other TAC 5 captains to shame.

Bryce: The 2” reach was a deliberate choice to push his footballing ability. Corbelli is really intended to be as footbally as Shark, almost, and a 2” reach is important there. His playbook is solid, but yeah, TAC 5 is a touch unreliable, especially when dealing with crowd outs or cover.

Lon: This guy has dodges. And then when he dodges they dodge. And then when those dodges happen other people dodge too. Was Ball of Light just a way to secretly train all the order players who are about to jump ship to Corbelli?

Bryce: Hahaha, nah, actually, that was entirely separate, but yeah, he’s intended to boost the mobility of the team pretty dramatically. I think it’s essential if you want to make him a football captain with much lower damage than the other two Mason captains, one of the things football teams generally need is speed.

Lon: Dummy pass makes me so jealous. What’s the most Galaxy brain thing you could do with Corbelli’s dodges? I feel like there is something completely asinine just waiting to be discovered.

Bryce: Ohhhh there’s so many. Making Space is the real kicker, like the potential there for a hundred billion movements is incredible. Pro tip: Make him kick if you get the choice. More seriously, yes, Corbelli’s team has incredible dodging potential if they have control of the ball, but their primary win condition is also 3 goals, so they have to give away their most powerful resource in order to win. That’s a really interesting push/pull at the heart of a Corbelli team’s playstyle.

Lon: Playing the game seems to be a combo Rough Seas / Fair Wind. It really feels like you guys are making a concerted effort to make ball killing harder by giving scoring teams access to more retrieval tools than just the good ol Tackle. Any truth to that?

Bryce: Yeah, basically. I mean things like Puppet Master and Seduced have been part of the game since day 1, so ways of pulling the ball off of enemy models aren’t exactly unprecedented, but it’s something we’ve been exploring more recently. Killing the ball in a corner is a time honoured part of Guild Ball, but we try and reduce how much that’s a viable option against pure goal scoring teams. For basically any team that’s intended to go for 3 goals, they need some way of grabbing the ball that isn’t just a Tackle.


Lon: Channeling my inner Glenwood Morris here. Does Corbelli totally eliminate Honour from rosters? Seems to me he is clearly the better striking choice, and honestly, has a pretty good fighting shtick too. Use all those dodges to get models like Vchisel into a crowd, maybe tool him up, and start swinging for the fences. Honour has been suffering on the wins lately too. Does Corbelli oust her off the roster?

Bryce: Honour’s a weird one. I’ve been playing her a bit recently, and 7 activations is real good, but I understand she hasn’t had the highest win rate recently. It’s always hard to make an ‘all rounder’ captain, and Honour is the middle point of the trinity of Hammer/Honour/Corbelli, since she’s ideally meant to flex into whatever is available out of scoring or takeouts. Basically, I don’t think so, since her Legendary and Superior Strategy are very unique, and also her damage output is way higher than Corbelli. We’ll see how things shake out, I think Honour’s still viable, but if it turns out Corbelli starts pushing her out of rosters, we’ll take another look at her.

And that’s that folks! visit back tomorrow for the next one! and if you didn’t check out the March stats, make sure you check um out!

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