Wave 2 captains with Bryce!! Part 3 – Rivet!

Good morning everyone! The hype train is chugging hard this week. It’s Wednesday and that means I’ve got another Captain for ya! This time we talk to Bryce about Rivet!

Oh and make sure you check out the previous installments as well:

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Lon: I’m not an engineer player, but I love how the Guild has always kind of been the kind of “middle of the road” team but in a less explicit way than say Masons. They’ve got good ball handling, good control tools, and historically had a decent beat um up plan. Even though they picked up two really cool miner cross overs, it seemed like they were about to tip towards scoring. I love that Rivet seems to give back some of that fighting prowess. In fact I like that it feels like all three engineer captains have a solid role to fill. What are your initial thoughts there?

Bryce: I agree, I am good at my job.

Lon: She seems a little on the slow side. In fact all of these captains do. 7” sprint with a 1” reach. Was there a concerted effort here, like with the first batch of Captains, to lean towards more of a supporting role?

Bryce: Yep, absolutely. That’s a very deliberate thing we did with a lot of these captains, to push them into more of a support role than a work role. That said, Rivet can absolutely put out some hurt if need be.

Lon: I’m so Jealous of Elbow Grease, and frankly, take it personally. #MomentousDamageFish. It seems especially good with Colossus. On a similar note Use This seems pretty cool with maybe Velocity or Salvo. When else do you imagine her buffs, including her heroic, will be used?

Bryce: It’s real good on Colossus and Locus, actually, especially if you use those two as a pair. Locus also loves a 2” melee zone, so does Salvo, Harriet…I mean really is there any 1” melee zone model that doesn’t want a 2” melee zone? Elbow Grease will make you realize how many Engineer models have 2 damage on three hits and 3 on their top ends, which is much more achievable when combed with Singled Out and a bunch of Gang Ups from Tow. Her Heroic is mostly used when she can go first, get in, beat someone down, and then throw up the Heroic to blunt the opponent coming back at you. Engineer models are already relatively tanky, they get nuts with Sturdy.


Lon: Tow seems like it is probably most useful in bringing a crowd out along with her before she punches someone with that (likely tooled up) momentous 2 push. Also maybe bringing a model like Colossus from charge threat into walking threat range. Am I on the right track here?

Bryce: Yep, that’s basically right. Using it to bring some gang ups along before hitting someone is the usual use, but it’s a threat range extension for a lot of other Engineer models. Like obviously it’s best for building a scrum, but even on a model like Velocity or Spade, it’s just solid to give them more threat range.

Lon: The big show stopper here is absolutely follow my lead. This seems mind blowing to me in a good way. Colossus, Compound, maybe Salvo all seem to adore this. Heck a Tac 6 Spade or Velocity is pretty scary too. Does this level of consistency put a Rivet lead team into a legit fighting force?

Bryce: Follow My Lead is so cool! Yeah, knowing that you’re gonna be TAC 6 base with your whole team is really very solid, especially with Singled Out on top of that. I think a Rivet led team can absolutely stand toe to toe with most of the fighting teams out there. And if not, hey, Velocity and Spade with TAC 6, and a 2” melee on Velocity probably gets the job done pretty fiercely. Since this is the final question, I also just wanna say I love that Rivet is pretty clearly based on Rosie the Riveter, and she’s great in the story too. She almost makes me want to play Engineers!

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