Wave 2 captains with Bryce!! Part 4 – Culverin & Cutlass

Alright guys! We’re at the last one! Cutlass got spoiled a little early but that’s ok. Let’s hear Bryce’s thoughts on the new Master and Apprentice.

Part 1 – Corker

Part 2 – Corbelli

Part 3 – Rivet

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Lon: Ok. First of all. How many pirates are there in this word and who is the true pirate guild? When Can I expect a Blackheart, Corsair, Windfinder, Culverin over the top thematic box set?

Bryce: You forgot Sakana! Maybe one day we’ll do an uber pirate box and do mad rules for playing with all of those models at the same time, who knows. Or maybe the true pirate guild was the friends we made along the way.


Lon: The first thing that immediately jumped out to me about this pair is it seems like there is really no way to not use them together. Like with the other apprentice/master combos you could sometime drop one of the models. You could do Burnish/Vcinder or Furnace/Cast; but with these two you kind of don’t have that potential flex. What’s going on there? Was that deliberate? Would it have been ok for Broadside/Chain shot to say “may be measured from” so cutlass could measure from herself?

Bryce: Yeah, this was a deliberate choice. We basically wanted to push the risk/reward element of Cutlass, so her character plays are slightly better than ‘normal’ character plays should really be, but the trade off is they’re useless if Culverin is not on the table. It’s worth mentioning that I think it’s perfectly possible to run Culverin without Cutlass, the tools she brings are still useful without Cutlass on the pitch.

Lon: As a farmers player, how often do you actually use “get in the goal”? I think it is becoming clear a “goalie” in guild ball doesn’t really equate to a “goalie” in any earth sports. What is it about these two, or maybe the position in general, that actually defines a model as goalkeeper?

Bryce: I pretty much always put up Get In the Goal! on the first turn if I kick, and usually the second turn too. After that it depends pretty heavily on spacing and how the game has ended up. If I’m holding the ball pretty safely, then I don’t bother. If the opposing team has the ball I usually try and get it up providing it doesn’t mess my positioning up too much. These two have Get In the Goal! and Cutlass’s dodge when the opponent declares a shot, the combo of which can often be +1 TN and a dropped die from the opposing kick.

Goalkeepers more generally are a funny one, the one universal across them all is that they make scoring a goal more difficult for the opponent, but of course they can’t make it impossible. Guild Ball is still a game based on football, so scoring goal should always be an important part of the game. We also have to be careful, since basically what happened with Cutlass is that often goalkeepers can end up ‘tethered’ to the goalpost, and that simply can’t happen with Blacksmith apprentices, because those are your models that go out and score you VPs. Goalkeepers are definitely something on which our position is evolving, which I think you can see with models like Skulk, for instance, who’s much more of an outfield keeper.

Lon: With these two now in the mix, do you think there is a legitimate gun line list that can be run in Blacksmiths?

Bryce: Probably, yeah. Blacksmiths are the ‘options’ Guild, like they can do absolutely anything with the right set up and pieces in place. That said, I’m not sure how good ‘gunlines’ are in general in GB. Most Guilds have the options to either weather the storm or get into you quickly and start taking out those key pieces.

Apparently I’m in a four panel mood today.

Lon: Do you think Culverin will ever see use as the Captain? She doesn’t seem to benefit as much as say Ferrite or Anvil.

Bryce: I think so, there are certain match ups where they rely on chip damage to lower your HP to a point where they can come in and mess you up, and healing basically your entire team for 3 can be a super relevant tool in those match ups.

Lon: What do you think will be the biggest surprise on these two?

Bryce: Any time someone uses Quick Off the Line on Cutlass to dodge around. Even if she can’t get in and engage the kicking model, she sure can make some unexpected moves on this one.


Alright folks! That does it for our interview! Thanks to all of you for keeping up with me this week and a special thanks for Bryce for taking the time to answer the questions! Bryce Answer = Best Answer. Make sure you tune in to all the other media outlets tomorrow who are releasing their interviews! Here are a few I’m aware of:

The Firm

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The Rookie


One thought on “Wave 2 captains with Bryce!! Part 4 – Culverin & Cutlass

  1. I have to laugh because I just read this (I know, should have read it first)… and I’ve already basically hit all 3 of those talking points with other people BEFORE i read this.. so now it sounds like I was just parroting Bryce… which means I guess I have to now change my hair color and accent… but at least I wasn’t way off in my initial impressions of these pirate ladies!


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