US Southern National Championship


Welcome back Sportsfans,

Today we’ve got another update for you on the Guild Ball World Championship Circuit, this time it’s for the USA SOUTHERN Nationals!

Before that, you may have seen our recent announcement about US Eastern National Championship being granted to Chicago. We’ve done this to ensure we can find the most willing possible fan base to do our work for us. If you’ve missed that blog, you can check it out here.

Today’s article is in relation to that Nationals announcement, since it means we need to find a temporary home for all the Southerns who didn’t have the psychic premonition to buy tickets! Enter the enormously successful event run by Jake Smith and the Greenville South Carolina meta – Howzat!


That’s right, The Howzat crew began running Guild Ball events in 2016 and continued several years in a row (which is more than one). In addition to the last year’s Howzat this meta has run upwards of a dozen Guild Ball events including several Brewery events with large player bases. They’ve really hit the ground running with multiple sell out events which is practically unheard of during the oppressive southern summers! 50 attendees made it and had awesome weekend of fantastic games of Guild Ball and winning prizes from a staggeringly huge prize pool.

Given that Second Wind is sold out, and let’s be frank, Chicago has had more than their fair share of guild ball events, it makes perfect sense for the Southern states to hold their own National. Heck, I’m sure we’ll pull more than LVO right? And the event is run by veterans of the Guild Ball *Tournament Organizer* scene, it makes perfect sense for Howzat to become a self-proclaimed a national. The south does tend to have a habit for such things.

Tickets for this event are NOT sold out and Jake has rented out an ENTIRE brewery. He is not in discussions with the venue to open more space because he can already accommodate even more people! This is one to put your name down for in case… wait there is no wait list. Just sign up!

Facebook event:

footer 2

Please note this is 100% a Parody of an… interesting situation. Howzat is not a national event, but you should def go because it is going to be awesome. Also, The CHI boys do a great job and Second Wind 2 will be fantastic. Keep your eyes open to see if they release more tickets. If you’ve taken offense to this post, probably lighten up 🙂 I know I need to!

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